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Celebrating Episode #250

Tags: Deiyo News

The Deiyo team celebrates #250 episodes, and welcomes a new member to the team. 

Interviewee: Robyn Neufeld

Living Prayerfully

Episode 237 - Jared Brock speaks about his book "A Year of Living Prayerfully". 

Interviewee: Jared Brock

Level Ground Trading

Episode 219 - Stacy shares the background and mission of his company, Level Ground Trading. 

Interviewee: Stacey Toews

Genuine Connection Through Music

Episode 212 - Mike tells of his views and approach to authenticity in music.

Interviewee: Mike Edel

Jesus at a Sex Convention

Episode 211 - Denise tells about XXX Church, visiting conventions, and modelling Jesus' love.

Interviewee: Denise Hearn

Engaging Employees

Tags: Humanitarian

Episode 210 - Rob Loewen speaks about revolutionizing the auto industry and giving employees amazing dreams. 

Interviewee: Rob Loewen

Becoming and Artist

Episode 209 - James tells about the ins, outs, and his adventure in becoming an artist.

Interviewee: James Nesbitt

Christian Magician

Episode 208 - Donald does "magic" and has some great views on this from a Christian perspective.

Interviewee: Donald Dunphy

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